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  • Open (Source) for Business: A Practical Guide to Open Source Software Licensing
    Open (Source) for Business: A Practical Guide to Open Source Software Licensing
    by Heather Meeker




Some may have noticed the radio silence on my blog.  I am in the process of a refresh and re-launch.  Stay tuned!  The new blog will appear soon at this same location.



Mozilla has released version 1.1 of its software patent license.  More about the license here.  


Toonz Open Source Software Released

Studio Ghibli, which we already loved for animation like Spirited Away and The Cat Returns, has a new reason to be loved.  It released Toonz, its animation software, as OpenToonz, under the BSD license (though the download site has terms of service in Japanese).  The release has the earmarks of a dual licensing model, though.  A premium version of Toonz, ToonzPremium, will be available for purchase.

Open Source package removed due to legal dispute

According to an article in IT World Canada, "a critical software package in the open source code base that many Node.js applications rely on suddenly disappeared. The problem was quickly rectified, but it caused problems for many users – and belies a fundamental problem with open source software."
The problem was with a 17-line package called left-pad, which pads out lines with zeros.  It was unpublished due to a legal dispute, the details of which are unclear from the article.  Calling this a "fundamental problem" with open source is not really accurate.  It is true that unpublishing open source code can cause problems for users.  Unpublishing proprietary code could do that, too.  It is worse that any legal dispute would arise over a 17 line package that pads zeroes.  

Fair Source gets Wired

Great article in Wired today about Sourcegraph and the Fair Source License.  As an added bonus, the article includes some interesting comments about open source business models.